How to relax and entertain a kid in 5 seconds!

You can both enjoy great quality time!

Put some lukewarm water in a plastic container,or in a plastic pool, or even in a tub about a third (⅓) full from top.

Put some floating plastic toys in.

You could use our specially designed bottles, Neraki from Nera Kritis, for kids. Just fill the bottles about halfway from top and close the lid. The bottles will float and you can put on an act using the bottles as puppets.


Place the container on the floor…


And bring the child!


Ideal for some good summer fun!


Show your child how to play with the puppet-bottles and encourage it to put on an act for you.


You will be having lots of fun and laughs!


Please keep in mind that you will probably both get soaked and the floor will be slippery, so having some towels near you will be helpful.


Do not leave the kid unattended.