What is the indicative consumption date of NERA KRITIS water?

The production number and indicative consumption date of this product are inscribed on each NERA KRITIS bottle or bottle cap.

What is the best way to store NERA KRITIS bottled table water?

NERA KRITIS bottled table water should ideally be stored in a cool, dark odour-free location, up to 18 degrees Celsius. By following these simple instructions, you will always enjoy the refreshing and beneficial water that we offer you

How can I obtain a quality analysis of NERA KRITIS water?

If you would like detailed information about the quality of NERA KRITIS water, you can contact the Consumer Care Division at our head office on 210 2445158 or send an email to

How is the quality of NERA KRITIS bottled table water ensured?

NERA KRITIS is bottled under strict ISO, IFS and FSSC standards that continuously ensure the high quality of the supplied commodity. At the same time, the NERA KRITIS bottle-production factory which belongs to the company’s group, also produces bottles for bottling under equally specific and certified standards to ensure safety and quality for the consumer.

How often is sampling and microbiological analysis carried out on NERA KRITIS water?

Every 1 production hour, we collect samples and conduct a microbiological analysis of the final product and issue a Test Report prior to loading.

What sterilisation methods does NERA KRITIS use?

The production plant for NERA KRITIS use pharmaceutical grade 0.2 and UV filters as their sterilisation methods. Correspondingly, to ensure the hygiene of the bottles, we sterilise the bottling plants daily by using thermochemical PEST Control procedures.

How can I be supplied with a water dispenser and order NERA KRITIS bottles for my home or my workplace?

Contact the NERA KRITIS Sales Department directly on 210 2445158 or by email at and a company representative will record your water needs and will suggest the best solution for your site.


1. Origin of spring

2. pH indicator

It is estimated that the less acidic water with a pH higher than 6 is healthier than bottled water with a lower pH.

3. Taste

The taste of each bottled water can be affected by the specific spring it was collected from. By the same token, some companies add flavour and vitamins to the water to enhance its health value. In this case, as the saying goes “a trial will convince you”, since taste is clearly a subjective matter.

4. Certification of natural spring

Many people buy a particular bottled water believing it is natural spring water, when it may simply be purified water. We recommend that consumers read the labels of bottled water carefully before they buy it to see if it states the bottling source or if it simply refers to an indication of bottled or table water, without any other authentication details on the natural spring.

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