NERA KRITIS production and bottling facilities in Crete FACILITIESFACILITIES

NERA KRITIS has an 11.000m² production plant at Varipetro in the Municipality of Chania, Crete island, 2 warehouses in Athens (Acharnes and Koropi) and 2 branches (Inofyta and Chios). It also has representatives for its products throughout Greece.

At the end of 2015, a new water bottling production plant will be ready in the prefecture of Kilkis.







We assure health with the most modern and reliable disinfection methods such as:

  • The use of bacterial-retaining 0,2 microns filters of pharmaceutical specifications.
  • The use of UV ultraviolet radiation filters, as a safety net.
  • The daily disinfection of all bottling lines with thermochemical processes.


We use technology for the production and purification of plastic bottles with:

  • IMG_20110916_125627the use of compressed air with very high purity (oil free) for their formation.
  • air transport of the bottles produced directly to bottling without the intervention of human hands.
  • their rinsing with ozonised water, seconds before they are filled.


We are constantly increasing our bottling and plastic bottle packaging production capacities. Today, we have:

  • The simultaneous operation of 4 bottling lines.
  • A production capacity of 68.000 bottles per hour at the small package bottling line.
  • A production capacity of 1.100 bottles per hour at the water dispenser bottle production line.
  • The ability of transparent shrink film or cardboard box packaging.